Marv was born in The Projects and had a rough childhood. He was very protective of his doting mother, who eventually got sick forcing them to move to a better part of town. The Projects had already toughened him up, and left with it’s residents as useful allies. In school his only friend was Chuck, a retarded kid who thought Marv was genius. He also got a .45 Springfield Armory M1911A1 pistol from a dead kid, and he named it Gladys after one of the sisters in school.

Some time after that Marv joined the army and went to Vietnam where he developed his scars. He also would later suffer from a ‘condition. He always had a respectful fear of his ’condition’ fearing he would turn into ‘what they always said I’d turn into. A psycho killer’. However he always trusted his instinctual “cold thing”, a feeling like a snowball in his stomach, something above his perception that told him that something was wrong



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